The Able Artisan

Create a thriving business and evolve your craft.

Get the step-by-step help you need to define and refine your market, mindset, and methods.

The Able Artisan Online Training Program

The Artisan Mindset

Our thoughts, habits, and emotional memory are powerful factors in how we live and do business.

Learn how to notice your behaviors and direct your thoughts so they are working for you and your success.

Narrowing Your Focus

Choosing what you work on and who your perfect customers are can be one of the most difficult, yet powerful, ways of ramping up your business.

Become a specialist so that you get the respect you deserve and the money your business needs.

Harness Automation

Technology is here to help us do all of the tasks we would rather not be doing but know are important to our business.

Systematize what you can and optimize for efficiency by harnessing the magic of automation.

Business Fundamentals

Registering your business, opening bank accounts, and protecting yourself and your assets.

Make things official so you can do business like a professional.

Website and Landing Pages

Choose and register a domain, open a hosting account, and create a website with landing pages that connect you with your customers.

Do it yourself so your website can adapt with your business.

Money and Legal Matters

Secure a payment processor, set up ways for people to pay you online, and get the tools to manage the money that comes in.

Set things up correctly from the beginning to make it easier and safer for everyone.

The program materials are available online via mobile and desktop with videos, worksheets, PDF’s and action steps for each of the modules inside the program.

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It will be on sale beginning at Noon CDT on Wednesday, March 18, 2020!

A maximum of 24 enrollments will be offered so that we can provide optimal support to the participants.

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The Able Artisan Conference

A 3-day live event program for artisans to build their roadmap to a thriving business.

Go step-by-step through The Able Artisan Program in-person and enjoy the energy and creativity of being with other artisans!

This conference is held quarterly in Springfield, Missouri.

Interested in attending the conference? Great!

The Summer Conference will be held in June 2020.

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